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Brewing Financial Independence
One Financial Plan at a Time 

Helping working professionals organize and simplify
the complexities of financial planning and wealth management


Taking Each Financial Step

One at a Time

At Coffeehouse Capital, our goal is to learn more about you. We currently work to provide ongoing fiduciary financial advice and investment management but are also open to connecting on a project basis or hourly basis, depending on your needs. 

Whether your goals feel complex and require an in-depth plan or you have a fairly simple concern to address, we’ll explore what you’re looking for and how we can collaboratively help you succeed. 

Offering a full range of financial planning and wealth management

services to:

Woman working on a laptop in her apartment.

Successful Individuals

Father in denim jacket holding his two children.

Growing Families

Cashier rings up a customer, who is paying with her phone.

Small Businesses

So, Why Coffeehouse Capital?


With an array of financial planning credentials and affiliations.


Requiring no asset management minimum and no commissions 

Driven by Process

Utilizing a straightforward and transparent approach.

Focused on the Details

Ensuring that the nuances of your finances are addressed.

From Pre-Retirees to Retirees...

Coffeehouse Capital is your virtual hub where meaningful financial planning begins with a friendly conversation. Whether you're aiming for a serene retirement, planning to leave a meaningful legacy, or seeking financial peace of mind, we're here to guide you, one virtual meeting at a time. Grab your favorite cup of coffee and let’s connect to discuss the paths to your financial goals.

Our Planning Process

Step 1:

Discovery Meeting

We will start by getting to know you and learning a bit more about your initial goals, objectives and needs. During this time we’ll also address your questions about our firm and the scope of the services we provide. 

Step 2:

Gather Data & Set Goals

Next, we will take a closer look at identifying your values and financial goals. By understanding what is important to you, we can develop a clear roadmap of how to get there. 

Step 3:

Present Recommendations

Based on your personal values and goals, we’ll present our recommendations on how to best move forward, in addition to any changes that might need to be implemented to help you achieve financial success. 

Step 4:

Review & Implement

If you feel that these steps work for you and your lifestyle, we will move forward with implementing them into your current circumstances. Additionally, we’ll schedule periodic review sessions to address any areas of concern you may still have. 

Step 5:

Monitor & Adjust

Over time, we will monitor your plan to ensure it continues to perform as you intend. And, as life changes, we will make adjustments accordingly. 

A warm, inviting coffeeshop bar.

Similar to a Coffeehouse,
Your Finances Should Feel Inviting

Together, we’ll develop a greater understanding of how to give meaning to your wealth.

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