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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s on your mind?

Q: Why Coffeehouse Capital?

A: Coffeehouse Capital was founded with the mission to provide independent fiduciary advice.

Q: What is a fiduciary advisor? 

A: A fiduciary advisor is a person or firm that is held to a higher standard of care and is required to put clients best interest first at all times.

Q: Fee-only vs Fee-based vs Commission-based, what's the difference?

 A: Commission and Commission & fee advisors receive compensation from clients, but also from other sources such as specific financial products they sell. Fee-Only advisors or firms offer advice and are compensated by the client directly for their services.

Q: Do you offer virtual meeting? 

A: Yes!

Q: Do you offer services outside of California? 

A: Yes, via virtual meeting.

Q: Are there any financial planning and investment minimums?

A: No investment minimums. We believe financial planning is important at all stages of life.